2017-18 SAU student-athlete information form

2017-18 SAU student-athlete information form

This form is used by the St. Ambrose Sports Information Office to collect information for rosters, game programs, SAU Athletics website, nomination forms (academic, athletic and service awards), and various mailings (tickets, banquet invitations, etc.) to you and/or your parents.

The SAU Sports Information Office has the right to release applicable information to the media, to nominate you for various awards and to use your photo on the SAU Athletics website for the 2017-18 academic year. Your coach(es) also have the right to collect your academic information for review.

If you do not want your photo to appear on the SAU Athletics website, do not want to be nominated for any academic awards, or do not want any mailings sent to your parents, please email me at [email protected]


Brian Thiessen

Sports Information Director

  • Name *
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  • Year in School *
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  • what you want listed on website, in programs, etc.

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  • Sports You Plan to Play at St. Ambrose in 2015-16 *

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  • Parents' (or Primary Guardians') Address *

    will be used to send tickets, photo ordering forms, banquet invitations, etc.

  • 2nd Parent's Address (only if different from above)
  • if none, write "[email protected]"

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