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Bowling - Sun, Jan. 22, 2017

The SAU women's bowling team finished sixth out of 54 teams at the Kegel Classic this past weekend.

SAU was led by sophomore Kayla Crawford (1031-five games), who finished fifth out of 368 competitors in the women's field. The women's team tallied 4610 for their five games on Saturday, putting them in seventh place heading into Sunday's 20-game baker competition. There, they hit 3705, which moved them into sixth place on the demanding Alcatraz lane pattern.

Other contributors for the ladies squad were Katie Maher (930-five games), Miranda Rodriguez (734-four games), Kaitlyn Keith (690-four games), Brittany Breedlove (534-three games), Hayley Ryan (349-two games), Kayla Ewing (190-one game) and Michaela Kelly (152-one game).

The men's squad posted an 11th-place finish among the 63 teams. They posted a 4876 total for their five games on Saturday, which placed them in seventh heading into Sunday's round. In baker competition, they shot 3801 for their 20 games, which dropped them into 11th place.

The Bees were led by Alex Denton, who finished tied for 25th among 482 bowlers. Denton shot 1008 (five games). Other team members were Anthony Dodge (987-five games), Brenden Sramek (749-four games), Kyle Krol (592-three games), Billy Hibbard (580-three games), Brent Boho (529-three games), Russell Deer (431-two games) and Jonathan Labrador.

Varsity and Junior Varsity squads enjoy a week off before returning to competition in Fairview Heights, Ill., at the McKendree Baker Challenge on February 4-5.