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Emily Hermiston
Emily Hermiston
Women's Volleyball
September 25, 2014

Emily Hermiston, a 6-0 sophomore from Davenport, Iowa, has been a significant addition to the Queen Bees volleyball roster this 2014 season. A transfer from the University of Northern Iowa where she did not play volleyball, Hermiston knew after her first semester that she wanted to play the sport she loved again.

"I missed being on a team and playing a structured, competitive volleyball," Hermiston stated.

As a starter for the Bees, she has made a constant impact on their offense. Averaging around 10 kills a match with junior setter Kate Nowak, the pair are a definite threat on the court.

Hermiston struggled slightly at the beginning of the season, attempting to catch up to the fast paced game, so different than high school.

"After a year off, it took me a little bit to catch up to the speed of the game and adjust to how demanding it is to be on a collegiate sports team, but I am more than happy with the choice I made," she said.

After a rigorous pre-season, Hermiston earned herself a starting position as an outside hitter for the Bees. In both blocking and hitting, she has been a dominant force on offense and defense.

The Bees played Ashford University Tuesday night, where Hermiston had 10 kills, with only two hitting errors and 1 dig and 1 block, respectively. After a tough loss, the Bees turned around quickly when facing Clark for the conference home opener Wednesday night. Hermiston added 11 kills, 1 dig, and 3 blocks to the 3-0 win over Clark.

"Emily has a great court presence. She can change the momentum of the game with big kills when we need them. Her positive attitude is something that the other girls feed off of, and I’m really looking forward to seeing her continue to evolve as a player," assistant coach Catherine Wildner stated.

"I’ve really enjoyed Ambrose since I’ve been here. It’s great being back on a team and having practices and games to go too," Hermiston stated.

The Bees have definitely enjoyed having her on the team, and look forward to her as a constant presence on the court in the future. The Queen Bees will face No. 17-ranked Grand View University Tuesday, Sept. 30, in Des Moines, Iowa, for their second conference game and expect to see Hermiston continue to turn up the heat.