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Jessica Mlachnik
Jessica Mlachnik
Women's Soccer
February 20, 2016

If you’ve never been to a SAU Women’s Soccer game you might be amazed by how aggressive the games can be. One girl in particular who stands out because of her aggressiveness is Jessica Mlachnik. 

Jess Mlachnik is senior from Muskego, Wis.

Jess has been playing soccer since she was in fourth grade. She said she was never really interested in soccer until she come across a random soccer video at school. She checked out the video from the library and went back home to watch it in excitement. She said that she found an old soccer ball at home and began watching the video.

The video she was watching just happened to be a soccer drill video. Jess would watch the drill carefully and then pause it, go outside, and try what she saw on the video. Because she was so interested in the video she joined her first soccer team a year later. 

Throughout the years that Jess has been playing she said that one of her soccer memories was when from she was younger. Since she started later than many girls there were a few things she didn’t quite understand about the sport.

"One game I was playing outside mid and the whole game a girl was bodying up and pushing me off the ball. I was getting very angry, so the next play we were running side by side for the ball and then I quickly two hand pushed her and continued running for the ball. The ref called a foul and I sat there with my arms in the air saying I didn't do anything and she fell on her own. I've never let people push me around on the field since."

Jess transferred to Ambrose her junior year and feels that this season went a lot better than many people expected. Jess said, "There were some ups and downs but that is every season. We are a young team and still made it to the National Tournament." The Bees went 10-0-2 in the conference this season, and Jess was voted First Team All-Conference in the midfield, quite the achievement playing in the 'not so glamorous' holding midfield position that she plays.

There are many things in store for this young team and a lot to live up to. Jess said, "We will have a target on our back and we will need to come ready to play every game."

Jess is also a contributing member of the highly successful women’s basketball team as one of the few collegiate athletes who can boast being a significant contributor to two nationally ranked programs.