Featured Athlete
Michael Knoll
Michael Knoll
Men's Basketball
February 24, 2016

by Jake Houzenga

Michael Knoll is more than just a basketball player at SAU. He is originally from Australia, but he still enjoys his time here in the United States.

According to him the people here are very nice and welcoming. He also likes that we Americans take our sports very seriously. The one thing he won’t miss is the winter weather. While he says that he enjoyed the experience of  snow and cold weather, he says he isn’t sure how many more winters he could handle.

Even though he says the season hasn’t always gone the way the team had wanted, he still feels confident in his team. He should too, they have always pulled through when they needed it. Just this Saturday, they made it into their first conference tournament. He and the rest of the team are very excited and Knoll promises that they will make the most of it.

Michael is a senior at SAU, which unfortunately means this is his last season at SAU. When he was asked about how he felt about his time being almost over he said that he was glad for the memories he made and the friends he has met. No matter how the playoffs turn out he will always be proud of his accomplishments at St. Ambrose.

Even though Michael is a basketball player at SAU, he is a student first. While he was studying at St. Ambrose he was majoring in Human Performance and Fitness.

That doesn’t mean he wants to give up the game he loves, though. Once Michael returns home to Australia, he has a contract lined up to play basketball professionally. In addition to that he plans on one day becoming a strength and conditioning coach.