Featured Athlete
Nick Cooper
Nick Cooper
Men's Lacrosse
April 9, 2016

Nick Cooper plays for the the SAU Lacrosse team.

In fact he was one of the first players on the SAU men’s lacrosse team. The program has only existed for three years. Nick started as a freshman and is now a junior.

When asked what it was like to start a completely new program here at SAU, he said that it was really cool to be the among the first to play and he’s proud of how much they have accomplished as a team. They have really become a family. Their first year they made it to a conference tournament and they’ve only been getting better.

Nick is originally from Canada but he has enjoyed his time here in America. He says that the midwest really is not that different from Canada. He said that the people here are very welcoming and the weather really is not that different. Being from Canada, he is quite the outdoorsman. During the summers he likes to spend time at his lakehouse fishing, and wakeboarding.

While studying here at SAU, he has been majoring in exercise science. After he’s done he wants to go somewhere else and major in physical therapy. He hopes to one day open up his own private practice.