Featured Athlete
Tarah Rayos
Tarah Rayos
April 29, 2016

Tarah Rayos is from Hanover Park, Ill. She is a senior at SAU and the only senior on the SAU Women’s Softball team. When asked what it’s like to be the only senior she said that a little weird to be the oldest, but it can be fun as well. She really likes to set a good example for the other girls.

Her example must really be paying off since they made it into a conference tournament. Tarah says that they’ve got a great group of girls and she thinks they will do better than what some people might think.

When she’s not playing softball she likes to do all the things that a typical young lady her age likes to do. She likes to go out, hang out with her friends, and spend time with her family. Even though she’s busy with school and sports, she still has time for fun.

During her time here at SAU she has been majoring in Marketing. She’s a little unsure of what she wants to do after she graduates, however. She thinks she wants to get a sales job to see if she likes it after all. She definitely wants to explore her options.