Featured Athlete
Karyn Paisley
Karyn Paisley
Women's Cross Country
October 2, 2016

Karyn Paisley is a junior on the SAU cross country team. She’s from Macomb, Ill., and she has a very interesting choice for a double major. She’s majoring in both Painting and Psychology.

The two may not seem to go together but there is a growing field of art therapy. Karyn says she might go on to grad school to do art therapy or simply get her Master’s of Psychology degree. Whichever way she goes she’s sure to be successful!

She started running cross country in seventh grade, a little later than some, but she loved it. She loved the support from her teammates and she gave it back in return. It was a great way to connect with others and make friends. She’s been working very hard ever since. She had the top time in this season’s opening event.

When she’s not running or studying she likes to hang out with her friends. She loves her art, however. Her favorite media, of course, is paint! Her favorite thing to paint is nature. She does pictures of landscapes and still lives.