Featured Athlete
Jordan Eisenberg
Jordan Eisenberg
Women's Soccer
October 3, 2016

Jordan Eisenberg is a forward on the SAU women's soccer team. She’s a senior, from Quincy, Ill., and is majoring in Nursing.

She hopes to get a BSN RN. That’s a Bachelor’s degree of Science in Nursing and a Registered Nursing Certification on top of that. That takes a lot of dedication to achieve!

She’s been playing the game for almost her entire life. She first started playing when she was only four. All of her hard work has certainly paid off.

Last year, the team finished ranked 15th in the entire country. When asked how that felt, she said it felt good but at time it can be challenging since it puts pressure on all the girls to maintain their record. And maintain they did. The SAU women’s soccer team has now jumped to number 14 in the nation. They hope to raise that ranking as the season goes on, but the higher they go, the more everyone wants to tear them down.

Jordan is quite the outdoorswoman. When she has any free time between classes and sports she loves to be outside. Disc golf is just one of her many interests. Like most people her age, she likes to hang out with her friends and have fun. She even joined the SAU swim club. Even when she’s not playing soccer, she’s always active.