Featured Athlete
Michael Ohioze
Michael Ohioze
Men's Soccer
October 17, 2016

Michael Ohioze is a senior on the SAU soccer team. Or should I say the football team? Michael is from London, England, and on that side of the pond they call the sport football. When Michael was asked if he was ever confused about the American name change he said that it was a little confusing at first but it didn’t take him long to adjust since he’d always known about American football.

When asked what London is like he said he loved it. It’s where he grew up and he says it’s pretty similar to most big cities. He says that one difference he’s noticed between America and England is the size of everything. Everything is bigger here from food, to houses and even roads!

Michael has been playing soccer almost his entire life, ever since he could walk! His mother always likes to remind him that the first thing he ever grabbed onto was a soccer ball. All this dedication has certainly paid off. He’s now the top scorer on the SAU soccer team. He says he takes great pride in that accomplishment since he’s come so far since his freshman year when he wasn’t even competing for the top spot. He might not be the team’s top finisher, but he works hard to contribute to the success of the team.

Michael is majoring in Physical Education / Fitness with a minor in Sports Management. He wants to go into coaching but he really wants to see how far he can go with track. He even hopes to make the 2020 Olympics. When he’s not playing soccer or running track he likes to goof around with his friends and his girlfriend.