Featured Athlete
Jonah Niedermeier
Jonah Niedermeier
Men's Cross Country
October 18, 2016

Jonah Niedermeier is a senior on the SAU cross country team. He’s from Rockford, Ill., and he’s double majoring in Computer Network Administration and Computer & Network Investigations.

He has big ambitions. After he graduates he wants to move to California because he has family out there and he sees it as the best opportunity to pursue his majors.

Jonah has been running cross country for seven years. The story of how he got into it was actually pretty ironic. He was playing soccer all throughout middle school until his sister informed him that soccer players run a mile or two a year. He didn’t think much of the idea so he forewent a fall sport his freshman year but he did join the track team during the spring. He was a sprinter, but he was very slow so he joined the distance squad to be with his friends, which led to his love for cross country. So basically he didn’t play a sport where he wouldn’t have to run a mile only to do one where that’s all he ever does and more.

When Jonah’s not running or studying he likes to put his major to good use. One of his hobbies is repairing computers and smartphones, which has really come in handy for him and his friends. He collects vinyl records as well and likes to listen to them while he practices his cooking skills. Like most of us, he does spend some time behind a screen. He has been know to video games and binge Netflix. His favorite show right now is Stranger Things. He completely devoured it on his first viewing and is going to have to watch it again!

Since Jonah is a senior, this will be his last year at SAU. When asked how he felt about that he is both excited and disappointed. He wants to go out into the world and see what it has to offer, but he’s disappointed for his experience here to come to an end.