Featured Athlete
Bart Van Rooijen
Bart Van Rooijen
Men's Tennis
October 27, 2016

Americans come from America, Germans come from Germany, Russians from Russia and Australians from Australia. So where do the Dutch come from? The Netherlands of course! That’s exactly where Bart Van Rooijen came from. He’s a senior here at SAU and is majoring in Computer Network Security.

Bart comes from a tennis-playing family. He’s been playing the game since he was a toddler. He’s always loved it and  his love for the game has finally paid off. He’s now the number one singles player on the team. He takes pride in that accomplishment. He says he likes to play both singles and doubles. He’s a little better at doubles though because it’s more personal. It’s one on one and he doesn’t have to think about how his partner is doing, even though all the members of the team are awesome.

He was a little worried about moving to America. He wasn’t sure how welcoming America would be, but he’s found that it’s a really awesome country. He says that everyone’s been very welcoming, especially here in the midwest. He likes to travel around the United States as much as he can because it’s always so interesting to see how every state is a little different. Traveling is just one of his interests though. He also likes to hang out with his friends. Video games are another hobby of his. His favorite game is Counter-Strike. He says it’s actually a good way to stay in touch with his brother back home.

He likes this country so much that he wants to stay here after he graduates. He says that he wants to remain in the US for at least another year and possibly move to California. He obviously hopes to get a job out there but always knows that he can move back to the Netherlands.