Featured Athlete
Patrick Smith
Patrick Smith
October 28, 2016

Patrick Smith is a senior at SAU and this is his last semester. He says that it’s bittersweet to think about leaving this school. He’s trying to hold onto every moment he has left.

In his spare time he likes to simply relax. Being a college student as well as an athlete is stressful, so he has to find a way to release that stress. Usually he does that just by hanging out with his friends, playing video games or even sports.

Patrick is very conscientious about his studies and future job. He’s majoring in Accounting & Finance and even has a job waiting for him when he graduates. He’s going to work as an accountant for an economic giant: Ernst & Young. His studies have really paid off and he’s definitely on top of things.

When asked about how he felt about how the season was going, he said that it was a slow start. They’re now 4 and 3 with three big games left. They will do everything they can to win conference and once there they hope to make the playoffs. Any mishaps that might happen along the way will be out of their control.