Featured Athlete
Katie Maher
Katie Maher
Women's Bowling
February 7, 2017

Katie Maher is a senior from Ottumwa, Iowa, on the SAU women’s bowling team. She has bowled almost her entire life.

She’s the youngest of seven siblings and all of them bowl. Katie started when she was two and never really stopped. She considers herself the most competitive bowler of her family. As she said, she practically grew up in a bowling alley. Even her dad bowls. In fact, he was her coach when she was in high school and still coaches at Ottumwa High.

She said that there is a lot more to bowling than what people think. You really have to work hard at practice. If you’re really dedicated like she is, you even have to work out and do drills on your own time. There are even oil patterns to take into consideration.

After a tournament, you are mentally and physically exhausted, the only thing on your mind is taking a shower and relaxing. She’d really love someone who questions if bowling is a sport to see what she does for a year and still say it’s not a sport.

When Katie’s not bowling or studying, she’s working as a respiratory therapist at Trinity. Unfortunately that doesn’t give her much free time. On the rare case that she does get some time to herself, she does what many college students do and watches Netflix.

Her job is a great fit for her, however. She is double majoring in Biology and Pre- Physician Assisting. After she graduates, she wants to continue doing respiratory therapy, and travel while doing so.