Featured Athlete
Colin Stiefer
Colin Stiefer
Men's Tennis
March 29, 2017

Arriving from Sleepy Hollow, a small Town in Illinois, Colin Stiefer is a junior on the SAU men’s tennis team. He's been playing tennis since his sophomore year in High School.

Stiefer is both a singles and doubles player, but prefers to play singles where he has excelled in his time at Ambrose. He says the team is pretty good overall when everyone plays well and does their part. They are a team dominated by skilled upperclassman, mostly seniors, but have some good young talent as well.

Even though tennis takes up most of Colin's time, he does have some things he enjoys doing when he gets some time to himself. Colin likes to run and volunteer his time to the community. He works directly with World Relief Organizatio which helps refugees and other marginalized immigrants fit in and thrive throughout the community. One prominent thing that they do is teach refugeees English. This way they can do things like shop for groceries or read books and newspapers. Colin has even cooked sticky rice for them.

Colin has always loved science and math, so he would love to have a career that involves both. He says that it’s a very interesting career and that there’s a lot you can do with it. He hopes to one day work for Nike or Under Armor to design sports gear for them.