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Drew Amador
Drew Amador
March 31, 2017

Drew Amador is a senior from Orion, Ill. on the SAU baseball team.

He said that this was the toughest schedule they’ve ever played in the four years he’s been here. Their record is deceptive because the Bees have played some national powerhouses, but this exposure has helped SAU off to a 3-0 start in CCAC play.

Drew has been playing baseball almost his entire life. He started in Kindergarten with Tee Ball and he’s never really stopped. He says that he would love to play the game his whole life if he could, but he knows that’s not realistic. He said it was bittersweet knowing that he is leaving SAU but he’s excited to start the new chapter of his life.

During his time here at SAU he has been double majoring in both Biology and Pre-Med. Drew doesn’t have a lot of free time, but when he’s not studying or playing baseball, he likes to hunt or play golf with his friends. He hopes to one day be a doctor, and he’s already been accepted into a medical program. Good luck, Drew!