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Sarrah Hammond
Sarrah Hammond
Athletic Bands
April 18, 2017

Sarrah Hammond is a freshman from Canton, Ill., and has had the honor of being one of the first freshmen in the SAU athletic band. She said it was really cool getting to see all of the trial and error that went into making the program grow. 

Being multitalented, Sarrah plays the clarinet and the tenor saxophone. She will even be able to add drum major to her list of talents upon graduation at St. Ambrose. In addition to her playing abilities, Sarrah loves to sing in choir. Music is also one of her favorite things to do with her free time. When she’s not producing music, she’s hanging out with her friends, which usually involves food.

Sarrah is so passionate about music that she even wants to teach it, preferably to middle schoolers. Her passion actually wasn’t instilled in her by her parents, she found it herself. She said that her parents were always encouraging her to play sports but one day she decided to join band simply because all of her friends had joined. She says that part of the beauty of music is that you can play the same piece multiple times and it will still sound a little different each time. There’s so much you can do with music and it can help to bring people of all religions, races, genders, sexual orientations, and political views together. It can even help strengthen friendships.