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Mitchell Schumacher
Mitchell Schumacher
Men's Tennis
March 17, 2014

A sophomore from Clinton, Iowa, Mitchell Schumacher has been playing tennis since he was five years old. Playing the sport he loved for the past 15 years, it was not a challenging decision when it came to whether he wanted to be a student-athlete in college.

"I decided to play tennis in college because it is now more than a sport for me. It is a passion of mine, and I enjoy being a student of the game," he states.

His dedication and commitment to the sport have carried him far in his career, teaching him a variety of different skills and bettering his tennis abilities. Schumacher chose to become a student-athlete at St. Ambrose University for many different reasons.

"What brought me to Ambrose was the opportunity to improve quickly," Schumacher states.

With eight people on the roster, the opportunities for individual attention and quick building of team chemistry are dominant. Schumacher also chose SAU because of the opportunity to play at the top of the roster. The small roster offered him the chance to compete and perform well.

Schumacher states, "I chose SAU because of the chance to compete with awesome teammates, and play good competition year round."

The chemistry on the men’s tennis team is unique, and the bonds only continue to get stronger as the season progresses. As only a sophomore, Schumacher has plenty more time to pick his favorite moment in his college career. At this point, his favorite experience was their first win under their new head coach, Austin Stewart. This win for Coach Stewart was not only his first win as a head coach at SAU, but it came against his alma mater, the University of Dubuque. Victory was sweet.

Having just one senior on the team, men’s tennis has a bright and promising future. As they continue to build with Coach Stewart and the underclassmen, Schumacher hopes to continue learning from the game and continuing his passion.